Lucasfilm is developing several animated Star Wars films

Screenshot of the trailer for the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Today is the so-called Star Wars day and, to celebrate it, Lucasfilm will launch various content for the Disney + platform, notably “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” / “Star Wars: The Bad Remittance”, the new animated series that it will also serve as a continuation for “The Clone Wars.” However, this series could be the first to a new animated stage in the company.

Through a Twitter thread in which he has been dedicated to reviewing the first double episode of “The Bad Remittance”, the editor-in-chief of Cinelix has launched a small rumor regarding the animated future of Star Wars. As he comments, Lucasfilm would be actively developing at least a couple of animated films, without going into more detail about it.

While Lucasfilm released “The Clone Wars” with an animated movie released in theaters — which in turn led to the animated series that followed — that was in 2008 and a lot has happened since then. Since then they have focused especially on the television format with series that had episodes of around 20 minutes in length. However, considering how Star Wars is exploding in recent years, it is not surprising that they want to use Disney + to capitalize on that success and launch new animated projects that allow them to explore other corners of this universe.

At the moment, all this is a rumor, and although there have been rumors of animated projects, these have almost always been more oriented towards series, not so much towards animated films. However, it is not surprising considering this stage of expansion that we are experiencing in the Star Wars universe.