Luca de Meo puts pressure on Alpine and Alonso: he wants this for 2021

The Anglo-French formation completed a promising 2020 season and Groupe Renault CEO Luca de Meo does not want to settle for keeping up. Looking ahead to this season, Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon will have to get more podiums.

Although Alpine’s goal – like that of many other teams – is 2022 and the arrival of the new technical regulations, the truth is that the fact that Luca de Meo has reinforced the structure of Formula 1 implicitly entails an increase in the requirement.

And, although in 2021 the cars will not change excessively as a result of regulatory limitations, the truth is that the CEO of the Renault Group you want to see better results.

Formula 1 is at the center of our activity, we have participated for 43 years »

In 2020, Renault achieved three podiums and fifth place in the constructors’ championship. That’s the starting point for Alpine this year and the bar that Luca de Meo wants him to beat before he stormed the world title from 2022 onwards. “To do better than last year, that is, to conquer more podiums”says the CEO of Groupe Renault when asked about a goal for Alpine. “The real challenge will come for us after 2022 with the change of regulation. Formula 1 for Renault is the history of Alpine, it is at the center of our activity. We have participated in the Great Circus for 43 years ».

“Alpine for us means sport, competition, the application of Renault’s technological excellence,” says Luca de Meo, who has promoted a brand that was at risk of disappearance months ago. «On the road we want it to be a zero emission brand, but always sporty. I like to look for the soul of a brand in the roots of its history to project it into the future. And Alpine has a lot of history and a future too.

Why Davide Brivio?

One of Luca de Meo’s first moves in relation to strengthening Alpine as a Formula 1 team has been the signing of Davide Brivio, who take over from Cyril Abiteboul. But Brivio has no experience in the premier class, having spent his entire life in motorcycling.

“Italy brings excellence, engineers, mechanics, professional figures who have Formula 1 in their DNA”, explains Luca de Meo. “That’s why I chose an Italian, Davide Brivio, as director, the head of our racing team”.

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“Of course he is the MotoGP world champion with Suzuki, on two wheels. But the number of wheels does not matter, “says the Italian. “(Brivio) is an excellent professional, he knows the flavor of a court, the importance of having a united team and giving everyone a precise role, he knows how to organize work”, concludes.

Will Davide Brivio be a new Andreas Seidl for Alpine? McLaren signed the German engineer from the WEC and, without a doubt, he was right with the signing. Time will tell if the already ex-director of Suzuki in MotoGP is also for the French firm.