Löw lowest in the polls

An opinion study published Thursday condemns Joachim Löw. A very large majority of those polled ask for the departure of the Germany coach, in the wake of the debacle in Spain (6-0).

It’s time to go Joachim Löw. Here is the message sent by a sample of Mannschaft supporters to their coach

. 84% of them (1,100 people) want the 60-year-old technician and Olivier Bierhoff (Director of the German Football Federation) to leave their place. The correction received in the middle of the week in Spain(6-0) on the occasion of the League of Nations

– Ouest-France (@OuestFrance) November 19, 2020

Joachim Löw would, for the moment, keep the confidence of his federation. Also according to this poll, Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool) and Hans-Dieter Flick (Bayern Munich) have the preferences of those polled in the hypothesis of a succession of Löw.

* A survey carried out by the SID (Sport-Informations-Dienst) press agency
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