Loved one’s health would return Prince Harry to royalty

Loved one's health would return Prince Harry to royalty (Instagram)

Loved one’s health would return Prince Harry to royalty | Instagram

Apparently the grandson of Queen isabel II, Prince Harry has arranged everything for the moment in which he has to travel to the United Kingdom and they assure, a private flight would ensure his expedited return in case he requires it. Would you travel without Meghan Markle?

They report that the Prince harry, He has arranged everything for his return to the United Kingdom, it transpired in the last hours, the reason is because he would find himself in anticipation when he heard the news of his grandfather, Duke Felipe de Edimburgo.

Apparently the “heir to the British crown“By occupying the third place in the line of succession to the throne, he could travel to England, in case the health condition of his grandfather presents important changes.

According to sources from a British newspaper they published that the “former senior member“, a role he played as part of the royal family, he would have decided to leave his self-confinement, which was spent with his wife, Meghan Markle and his first-born, Archie Harrison, this, in case he had to move to his country of origin .

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The powerful reason that would force Prince Harry to make this decision is the hospitalization that his grandfather, Duke Philippe of Edinburgh, starred in last Wednesday, which to a certain extent would alert the royal of 36 years before any eventuality.

Harry has advantages for traveling

As for the measures that the “duke of sussex“He would have to adopt in order to make his trip, a series of conclusions has emerged in which it is possible that Enrique Carlos Alberto David, the prince’s first name, does not have to confine himself when arriving in his country as well as a private flight.

According to the restrictions, the United Kingdom does not accept travelers who arrive from the United States without their first arriving to keep a quarantine in a hotel, the reason is that the United States is part of the red list of destinations that England has limited.

In the case of the former royal member, he has an advantageous quality due to his status, a kind of special permit that would allow him to carry out the transfer without isolating himself for the required time, this in case the proof of Covid-19 that they carried out came out negative.

So his trip, apparently it would be possible at any time, as for his wife, Meghan Markle, it is unknown if she would accompany him, possibly not, taking into account that a few days ago the news of her pregnancy was given so surely they would avoid taking risks.

In any case, even what has been reported is that the health of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband is fine since it was some discomfort that led him to be admitted to the Edward VII hospital.

On the other hand, the details of these symptoms have not been known, however, the duke has an advanced age, 99 years, and if his health continues as it had been until now, he would reach his 100th anniversary next June.

According to the last statement released by Buckingham Palace, one of the official residences where the monarch Elizabeth II reigns and lives, her husband’s health is reported stable, and they were only preventive measures for which she moved to “consort“to the medical unit.

Likewise, it was announced that doctors have valued it and have a good prognosis on the robust strength of the father of the Prince Charles of Wales, Princess Anne, Andrew of York and Edward of Wessex, which would indicate that the pillar of the monarchy would still stand.

On the other hand, the followers of royalty maintain a certain expectation before the secrecy that would continue in the last days about its evolution, and if everything goes perfect as they have reported, when Elizabeth Marie’s husband (Elizabeth II) returns again to your home.

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Meanwhile, the news of Harry’s possible trip, one of his grandchildren has raised other suspicions about whether there is something that they have not yet wanted to report to avoid alarms.