LOVE: What we should all sing today

This song should really be an anthem for everyone internationally, it is a song that transmits so much peace, so much love, just as LOVE indicates, the reality is that this song has been performed by many artists and they all always sound so Well, everyone in their own way of course because it is a song that transmits a lot. Today we believe that this song should be remembered. Today more than ever.

We live in such vulnerable times, we live in a time in which relationships are made of paper, for any small thing a relationship can already falter, and do you know something? There are no more values, being unfaithful, betraying, it is already something that looks so normal, like a hobby even, like oh … How many times have you been unfaithful? He talks so normal, he looks so normal, and wait, NO! It is not normal! Betraying or cheating on your partner, it is not normal, it is never normal and it will never be and let’s be honest, you can have the problems you like and send but if there is love, you will always find a solution, because both parties they are engaged. I think the main thing in a relationship should be Love, empathy and commitment, if you have these three ingredients then you are on the other side, because regardless of the problem you will know for sure that your partner and you are going to solve it yes or yes, because both they have that commitment.

But what about relationships now? We get angry, oh well, I’m going to see other friends to see what comes out, and then more lies come out and in one of those they don’t come back, so I think the main thing in these times where the energy suddenly shoots up very negative, it is a lot of love and commitment, above all, many values ​​are needed. LOVE is the perfect song for you to dance and enjoy with the ideal partner and the right one, but for that to happen you will have to go through some bitter experiences, when you dance LOVE with your partner, you will know that you are with the right one … https: //

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