love triumphs with an unexpected wedding

The daily series ‘Central Market’ has come to an end this Friday, January 22, after broadcasting 310 episodes on La 1 de Televisión Española, and with this ending has come the denouement of the plots that had left many of the telenovela’s viewers in suspense. For this reason, FormulaTV carries out a review of how the end of the fiction produced by Diagonal TV for the afternoons of public television has been.

Gloria and Jorge in ‘Mercado Central’

The first resolved plot is the one composed by the death of Fernando, and is that in the previous chapter the identity of his murderer was left up in the air, which turned out to be none other than Daniela. The young woman has saved Adela’s life, who feels somewhat guilty. Finally, after the help of Rosa and Inspector Millán, she will stop torturing herself and will decide to give her relationship with Elías a new chance, starting a family again.

On the other hand, Gloria receives forgiveness from Jorge, who states that « I sincerely hope you can get your life back. Everyone deserves a second chance. ». After this exciting conversation, the character played by Eva Isanta decides to sell the greengrocer to Elías for the same money for which he had to get rid of it, becoming part of the family’s legacy again.

Love triumphs in the Central

Continuing with other characters, it is Nicolás who, collecting signatures from the Central Market merchants, gets the riders company to improve the conditions of its workers, so Carmen proudly decides to declare her love for him. Further, Samuel decides to break up with Daniela after learning that it was she who deleted Carla’s audio, and asks the girl to go out together again.

As for Jorge, he asks Lorena to marry him, which takes the woman by surprise: « Marry me. Here and now. I have been clear about it for a long time … and I don’t want to wait another second. » They are David, Jesús and Valeria who act as witnesses in this unexpected wedding in which, outside of formalities, each one declares the love they feel to the other. But it is not the only love that triumphs in the Central, and it is that Martín overcomes his fears and begins a relationship with Germán.