Love floats between Olivia Wilde and her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis recently ended their 10-year relationship; however, it is clear that they still love each other.

Actress Olivia Wilde and actor Jason Sudeikis were one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, until this year.

After spending ten years together and having shared the fatherhood of their children Otis and Daisy, aged six and four respectively, they decided to separate.

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This decision took his fans by surprise, who never imagined that this would happen, much less in such a difficult year.

The actors got engaged in January 2013 but did not finalize their marriage bond.

Now, both do their part to continue living together and getting along as well as possible.

Their relationship seemed so cute that seeing them together will always give hope about some reconciliation.

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This happened a few days ago, when they were caught talking in Los Angeles.

Between laughs and hugs, it is visible that their relationship is on very good terms and that there is no resentment on either side.

Aware that they want to give their children calm and security, they have remained without giving much information about their separation.

Even so, it is still a shame that one of our favorite couples from the show no longer continues to write her love story.

We can only hope that smiles and words that bring them together again are hidden under their masks.