Love failures? Luis Miguel would be rejected by famous

They met in the 80s, at this stage the already established “television actress” and singer crossed paths with 17-year-old Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri at a Festival in Acapulco, “LuisMi” would not be indifferent to her great beauty and tried of everything to conquer it.

Although the actress of “Colorina”, “Viviana” and “The strange return of Diana Salazar”, yielded for a moment to the charms and details of the idol of the music of the moment, whom she described as “all a divine charm” and the they had a great time together.

It was the “film actress” herself, and the singer who decided to break up with him, assures that the age difference “made her feel very bad and that she was not well”, according to the businesswoman, “Micky” would reveal to her that “she was the love of his life “. “At the time maybe it was,” he commented.

This is supported in the book “Oro de rey” by Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro on which the seasons of Luis Miguel are based: La Serie.

Apparently, years later, Luis Miguel would summon her to claim him, he points out

He told me what he was going to see me about, he explained.

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