Lourdes show their power after thrashing Txantrea (4-1)

06/26/2021 at 10:18 PM CEST

The Lourdes won 4-1 at Txantrea this Saturday on the last day of the Second Phase of the Third Division, ending their time in the competition with a victory. The Lourdes arrived with the intention of returning to the path of victory after losing the last game against him Upload by a score of 1-0, accumulating a total of nine defeats in a row in the competition. For his part, Txantrea he was defeated by 1-2 in the last game he played against FC Bidezarra. With this result, the Tudela set is ninth, while the Txantrea he is second after the end of the match.

The first team to score was the team from Tudela, which fired the starting gun in the Luis Asarta through a bit of David royo in the 44th minute. The local team scored again, increasing the score thanks to a goal from Damien shortly before the end, specifically in 47, thus ending the first half with the score of 2-0.

In the second half came the goal for him Lourdes, who put more land in between with a goal from Left in minute 61. Subsequently, a new occasion increased the score of the premises through a goal of Garcia in the 87th minute that left a 4-0 in favor of Lourdes. He reduced distances the Txantrea through a goal of Julen Goñi shortly before the end, specifically in 1990, ending the match with the result 4-1.

Both coaches moved the benches. The coach of the Lourdes gave entrance to Villafranca, Sanchez, Left, Acute Y Notary for Moha, Valentin, Maxi, Javier Y Basurto, Meanwhile he Txantrea gave the green light to Fermin Gil, Ohian Goñi, Daniel gortari Y Boxes for Daniel Virto, Xabier Cemborain, Aitor Y Alonso.

With this result, the Lourdes is left with 22 points and the Txantrea with 44 points.

Data sheetLourdes:Basurto (Escribano, min.65), David Royo, Maxi (Left, min.45), Garcia, Juan Otalora, Moha (Villafranca, min.45), Sergio, Damián, Eneko, Javier (Agudo, min.56) and Valentin (Sanchez, min.45)Txantrea:Aitor (Daniel Gortari, min.66), Gorka Bacaicoa, Anaitz, Julen Goñi, Joni, Xabier Cemborain (Ohian Goñi, min.45), Ibai Garde, Alonso (Casillas, min.66), Goñi, Lezaun and Daniel Virto ( Fermín Gil, min.45)Stadium:Luis AsartaGoals:David Royo (1-0, min. 44), Damián (2-0, min. 47), Izquierdo (3-0, min. 61), Garcia (4-0, min. 87) and Julen Goñi (4- 1, min. 90)

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