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Lara Dibildos, happy with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, her son and Anna Barrachina: ‘My family’

Lara Dibildos is enjoying a few days with her family. After a few months of intense work with the play More cold than here, the adaptation of Laura Wade’s role into Spanish, the actress has stopped to enjoy hers and continue studying new professional projects. “My family”, has published next to this photo in which he appears with his ex, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, the son of both, Álvaro, and Anna Barrachina, the eldest daughter of the Sevillian rider. The four are the living image of happiness, although Lara misses her eldest son, Fran, born during her marriage to Fran Murcia, who after training in the quarries of Real Madrid and CAI Zaragoza, is determined to succeed on the field of basketball across the Atlantic. VIEW GALLERY The followers of the actress celebrate the wonderful relationship she has with Muñoz Escassi. It should be remembered that they maintained a relationship of comings and goings that ended in 2006, when their son Álvaro was barely three months old. Now they are the clear example of an ex-partner well avenged, but cordiality did not always reign between them. “There have been bad moments, very bad, of wanting to kill him and he wanting to kill me,” Lara acknowledged in Lazos de sangre, on Spanish Television. “The most beautiful part is now, for me Lara is someone super important,” added the rider. VIEW GALLERY Both have friends in common and it is common to see them together, enjoying life, showing that an ex-partner can remain in time with feelings of love and respect beyond romance. “I have a very attractive and handsome father of my son,” Lara admitted in said program, making it clear at all times that her relationship with Muñoz Escassi is not a formality, since it is “part of the family.” – What happened to Laura Valenzuela, the popular presenter who turns 90 – Lara Dibildos and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi show their good harmony in their television reunion Lara also welcomed Ana Barrachina, the rider’s eldest daughter, according to Muñoz Escassi in Ties of blood. “He has treated her like a daughter, they formed a family,” he said. In fact, the young woman, who now stands out as an artist, went to live in the actress’s house when she settled in Madrid in 2016. SEE GALLERY At 49 years old, Lara Dibildos is living a great moment. Professionally, she continues to work as an actress, has opened a YouTube channel and has written a book about her experience in her fight against cancer. On a personal level, she goes out of her way for her mother, Laura Valenzuela, who is now 90 years old, and for her two children, Fran, 22, and Álvaro, 14. She is a lucky woman in love, but her heart has no owner . “I wish I could tell something, but there is nothing at all. What life is! When I was young, I prayed that I would not be photographed with a boyfriend and, when the photographers caught me, I got a tremendous upset. where, now the opposite happens to me … what I want is to be caught “, he declared earlier this year in HELLO !.