Louis Tomlinson separates from Syco Music, fans do not fit on social networks of emotion | INSTAGRAM

One Direction fans and followers continue to support the members to the fullest, even though they are now playing separately and right now they have become a trend that was almost incredible.

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This time it’s about Louis Tomlinson, who quickly became a trend this Saturday with explosive news for his fandom.

The famous former One Direction became a global trend on social media by fans of the band, who reacted to an announcement that left them breathless as they were never expected to happen.

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His name was not positioned in the trend but they also wrote SYCO, being one of the most published words on Twitter this day, as well as the phrase love you so much and #SoproudofLouisTomlinson.

This is an announcement made by the singer on his official social network in which he made us aware that he is separating from SYCO music, the agency that represented him.

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I just wanted to let you know that if I start and I will be separating we reach an agreement I am very excited for the future and for being back in the studio for my next album.

The Walls interpreter stressed that he is very excited because his biggest dream is to meet his fans on a tour, this fact so excited the fans that instead of being sad about their separation from the industry, they were excited for a future in which we can go back to massive concerts.

What stands out the most at the moment in social networks is users commenting that he is already a free person and that he will not be used as a means of promotion, something that really excited the fans who support him.