Lotus emira a first and last step

Since January we knew that this would be an important year for Lotus due to the farewell of the Elise, Exige and Evora, the arrival of what will be their latest combustion engine vehicle and the start of a new era for the brand. Now we know the name of this model that we only knew as Type 131 and that the future of the brand will be mounted on four new platforms.

Let’s start with the Type 131: the brand’s latest vehicle to use an internal combustion engine It will be called Lotus Emira and its presentation will be on July 6, followed by a debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​between July 8-11. For now we will have to settle for three images in the form of a preview that barely reveal a few keys about the design of this future sports car.

Lotus Emira, preview

Likewise, little is known about its mechanics and how it is traditional with advances of this type Lotus has only given some brief clues that, in the end, it is not much what they say. For example, they anticipate that one of the engines will be new for Lotus, will be highly efficient and will have a set-up aimed at delivering the distinctive Lotus experience.

The platform that the Lotus Emira will use will be one of four new ones that the brand has planned for its future cars. Is It will be called Elemental, made of light and “flexible” aluminum, which means that it will surely have a certain level of adaptation for different applications or even engines. The latter will be key as Lotus is also heading into a future with fully electric vehicles.

Following its trend of names that begin with the letter, the next platform will be Extreme, which will be the one used by the already announced and well-known Evija. The next will be the E-Sports, which will use the sports car that they will develop together with Alpine, and finally there will be the Evolution that they say will be the basis for a range of ‘lifestyle’ vehicles. If that sounds like crossovers and SUV, we don’t blame them, we think the same. And yes, they will be electric.

Lotus Emira preview 3

Lotus Emira, preview