Lots of entertainment and some information: who will be the guests of Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff this weekend

Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff (Instagram) Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff (Instagram)

After weeks where the formula seemed to be prioritizing topicality, This Saturday and Sunday, Juana Viale, replacing Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff, will have characters from various fields at their tables, although entertainment will predominate in both cycles.

From 9:30 p.m. on Saturday Mirtha night, by El Trece will receive Fernando Mocking, which will be able to provide information on some clients of the cases it has such as Claudia Villafañe or Juan Darthés, but which will also surely deal with personal issues since it will be accompanied by its partner, Barby Franco, with whom he usually gives funny notes telling intimacies. The informative part at the table will be provided by the Intratables driver, Fabián Doman, and Dr. Alberto Cormillot.

Minutes later at 22.00 on the Telefe screen they will enter the PH of Andy Kusnesoff the journalist Analía Franchín who is one of the MasterChef Celebrity figures and The Dipy, that in the last weeks he was in several places criticizing the government of Alberto Fernández.

They will also be the former head of the Public Media System of the Nation, Hernán Lombardi, the panelist of Intractable and journalist from América Carolina Losada and the graduate in Nutrition, Romina Pereiro.

The next day, at 1:30 p.m. Juana Viale will have a table full of artists. Will be Arturo Puig, Diego Ramos one of the figures in the work directed by José María Muscari, Sex, Thomas Kirzner preparing for the premiere of a piece via streaming and the participant Rocio Quiroz who along with Ariel Tapari replaced the couple of Angela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta in Cantando 2020.

Last week in the middle of lunch, Marcela Tinayre’s daughter surprised: Time stopped, so before 2021, the end of 2020, we are going to propose to Mrs. Mirtha Legrand that she return to her table. We cannot dismiss the year from Mirtha’s table, without Mirtha ”.

Those present immediately congratulated the actress for her work on the program. . “I want to ask for applause for you, because it has been tremendous”, expressed Joaquín Galán, while his sister subscribed. “What is inherited is not stolen”, Mediavilla closed, and everyone nodded.

In another broadcast he had clarified that he felt good but that it was not his thing to be there: “Thank you, but I am also waiting for a moment to come and take your place and that they let me do my thing. I want to act again “.

On Sunday March 15, days before the total and mandatory quarantine was decreed, it was the last time that Chiqui was at the forefront of her much-loved program and from the following Saturday Juana took driving on her shoulder until today. At that time, He stressed that he was not “replacing anyone”, but was “making a modest contribution to this situation that has the whole world in suspense due to the so small and so great coronavirus”.

“My grandmother, the much loved Mirtha Legrand, is not going to do her program because she is old enough to be in the high risk group and has a great feeling of responsibility. So, because I am ‘the granddaughter of’, I say it with great pride, I decided to help with this cause, which is to communicate ”, he had closed the debut in the cycle in this regard.


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