Los Tigres del Norte prepare unreleased album and plan bioseries – El Sol de México

After a year of not playing together due to the pandemic, Los Tigres del Norte met again in the recording studio to record their next studio album, which will include unreleased songs that address migration issues and other current issues.

“We are about to finish the unreleased album and we want to give people variation as we are used to,” said Eduardo Hernández, in charge of the accordion in the group.

“Things have happened in the last few years that there is an opportunity to make a song about each song. Our idea has always been to give a message in the music we record, especially to undocumented and immigrant people who live in the United States, to bring them advice, messages of joy ”.

Since the last time they played in front of the public to their reunion in the recording studio, eight months passed, a time in which in addition to being surprised they re-signified their relationship as a group and their love for music.

“We wanted so much to play that even though we only practiced with songs that we already have recorded, we felt like the music made our skin turn when we played together. And it also helped us because the voices of Los Tigres sound fresher, cleaner and with great enthusiasm because what you are doing is born from the heart ”.

The new material is still in development, so they have not chosen a title or release date yet.

For now, Los Tigres del Norte celebrate the tenth anniversary of their MTV Unplugged with the release of the material entitled What you did not hear. It includes eight songs that they recorded during their concert a decade ago.

“There are many songs that the public never knew were there,” said Hernández.

The album will be accompanied by four animated videos of the themes The gray truck, Forgotten question, I could not fall in love more and Prison of love, which will also be available on YouTube.

The truth is that the musicians hope to return to the musical stages soon. Although at the moment, the plans to play in Mexico are still far away. “We want to wait a little longer for all of this to go down. Because we want the people who visit us at our events to be safer and have the freedom not to worry about illness. “

They take up plans to tell their story

After considering not making a bioseries in which the trajectory of Los Tigres del Norte is told, the group is now in internal talks and with some members of the entertainment industry to tell their story in an audiovisual project.

“We are with the idea and we have talked with several people. And probably for next year something will be done ”, commented Eduardo Hernández.

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The only condition that they have set to narrate their more than 50 years of experience is that everything is real. “We thought that the day we do a bioseries or the story, that it be the whole truth of Los Tigres, that nothing lies to the public with things that did not happen.”

The musician said that they would like to participate by interpreting themselves within the project, although due to agendas he sees it complicated. “We would like to participate as actors. But sometimes it gets a bit difficult for us because if we started to get to work, it would be difficult for us to go to film and then to concerts. But we would like to be better ourselves the ones who tell the story ”.

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