“Los de Hoy peel it for us”, The Cap of VLA throws a loud cry

“Los de Hoy peel it for us”, The Cap of VLA shouts loudly | Instagram

Controversial video shared The Cap Pérez, dear host of Venga La Alegría, direct competition of the Hoy program on Televisa, because in it, he assured that the competition “is peeled.” The recording was shared on his Instagram stories.

In the video you can see some characters part of the staff of Come the joy, among them El Capi, Cynthia Rodríguez and Brandon Peniche. Pérez is shirtless and screams in which they say they are celebrating for him Today Program.

What a wave race, we are celebrating that those of Today are fighting us, you can hear the irreverent driver screaming.

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This video has caused many reactions, since although the drivers were having a fun time, many consider what El Capi Pérez said to be disrespectful. Apparently the spirits have been ignited before the fight by the hearing between Venga La Alegría and Hoy.

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Many were surprised a couple of months ago that VLA announced on its social networks that it had surpassed in rating the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria, something that they celebrated in style, and even assured that they suspended the drivers’ vacations to take advantage of the good streak.

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However, the same competition and Alex Kaffie denied the fact that TV Azteca’s morning has surpassed that of Televisa, even with the fall he suffered after the loss of beloved Magda Rodríguez.

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However, and to the discontent of Venga La Alegría, Andrea Escalona’s aunt found the formula to gain audience and this was the reality show Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, with which they went from 800 thousand viewers to 1.2 million.

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