Los Angeles police already know the cause of Tiger Woods’ accident

The los angeles police announced this Wednesday that researchers You already know the causes of Tiger Woods’ car accident in which the player suffered serious injuries in late February. However, these have not been published pending the approval of the golfer’s environment.

“A cause has been determined and the investigation is over.” has counted the Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. “We have contacted Tiger Woods and his environment. The disclosure of the information is pending confidentiality problems and we will ask the environment if they are willing to waive that circumstance. If so, we will make a statement with all the information about the accident ”; has explained.

At 45 years old, Tiger Woods suffered an accident in the morning of February 23 when I was driving near Los Angeles. The police then ruled that he was not driving dangerously and that there was no evidence that he was driving under the influence of drugs, drugs or alcohol. The player was operated on for multiple fractures and it is unknown what his future will be in golf.

This is how Tiger Woods’ vehicle was