Los Angeles Clippers win over Phoenix Suns 106-92

06/25/2021 at 12:48 PM CEST

Los Angeles Clippers managed to win at home to Phoenix suns 106-92 during the third game of the Play-offs of the final of the NBA Western Conference. With this triumph, Los Angeles Clippers cuts distances on the scoreboard, which at this time continues 1-2 in favor of Phoenix suns.

During the first quarter the leadership was in the hands of Los Angeles Clippers, managed to score the maximum point difference (eight) at the end of the quarter and finished with a score of 29-21. Later, the second quarter had alternations on the scoreboard and the fourth ended with a partial result of 17-27. After this, the rivals accumulated a total of 46-48 points before the break.

During the third quarter there was a comeback by the local team players, in fact, they achieved a partial in this quarter of 11-0 and had a maximum difference of 15 points (71-56) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 34-21 and an overall 80-69. Finally, during the last quarter the players of Los Angeles Clippers They increased their difference, came to win by 18 points (89-71) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 26-23. Finally, the match ended with a final score of 106-92 in favor of Los Angeles Clippers.

During the match, the actions of Paul george and Ivica zubac, who had 27 points, eight assists and 15 rebounds and 15 points, one assist and 16 rebounds respectively. For their part, the visiting team stood out Chris paul Y Deandre ayton, with 15 points, 12 assists and two rebounds and 18 points and nine rebounds respectively.

In the next clash, both teams will meet again, this time in the Staples Center in the fourth game of the series. Follow the NBA schedule in full.

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