The feeling is that it is now or never. Los Angeles Clippers They are aware of the difficulty of putting together a winning project that ends up hatching in the form of a title and believe that the team they have formed under the baton of Doc Rivers You have an obligation to fight for glory. For a franchise that has never lifted an NBA or Western Conference title, being a clear contender could be interpreted as something positive in itself, but the winning and potential character of the squad with names like Kawhi Leonard or Paul george, makes the responsibility of looking for the ring inescapable.

As soon as they reached the Orlando bubble, the Los Angeles team claimed through their coach the importance of staying focused, as indicated by ESPN. « Our message is none other than to be here, willing to give everything to get the title. Perhaps the circumstances are not ideal, but we are not going to complain about anything. We are on a mission and nothing will distract us from fighting for her to the end, « said a Doc Rivers which explained the absence of Kawhi Leonard along with the rest of the team. « He has decided to come on his own and will arrive in the next few hours. Everything is fine, there is no problem whatsoever, » he said, silenced by rumors of certain physical discomfort or reluctance with the bubble of the team star.

The other big star also spoke, Paul george. « I was somewhat physically insecure at the beginning of the season, I did not have a 100% shoulder and I was uncomfortable on the court. However, now that I have been able to rest and do good rehabilitation, I feel great, I am myself, » he warned. the forward in statements that should worry his rivals. « It has been a roller coaster all we have experienced. It was not known if we would play or not, » he said when asked by the social movement Black Live Matters.

« I think we have made the right choice as young African Americans who can help their community through sports and by giving visibility to the movement. We are going to tackle all problems with much more strength and determination when playing than if we had not done so, » he says. a Paul george who could be key in this final stretch of the season and who is looking for what would be the first ring of his professional career. Los Angeles Clippers reaffirm their candidacy for glory.