Los Ángeles Azules, in search of the biggest Cumbia – El Sol de México

For the second consecutive year, Los Ángeles Azules is looking for the talent of Mexicans to be part of the greatest Cumbia. It is a dynamic in social networks in which the participants must record a video with their own version of The Angel That Unites Us, either dancing, singing or playing an instrument. They also have the option of recording it with family, friends or with their own musical band.

From May 6 to June 20, is the deadline to upload the video to Facebook, using the hashtag #CUMBIACENTENARIO, making sure that the privacy is public so that the judges can see it.

“It is not necessary to be a professional, it is only about showing your passion for cumbia”, stressed the group.

The idea was born from the fact that the Centenariio tequila house, cumbia and tequila are always together in the best moments of Mexicans, which also refers to the DNA of party and joy that characterizes us in the eyes of the world.

The musical group originally from Iztapalapa has increased its fame in recent years thanks to its collaborations with Ximena Sariñana, Vicentico, Saúl Hernández, Gloria Trevi, Ha Ash, Yuri, Jay de la Cueva and Belinda, among other artists of genres other than la cumbia, which have placed them at the top of the popularity charts, reaching diverse audiences.