The Italian tennis player Lorenzo Musetti He gave an interview to UbiTennis, where he spoke about all the current events in the tennis world and emphasized what it meant for him to be able to train in Melbourne with players like Federer, Djokovic or Medvedev. The 18-year-old said that Roger is his idol, but the player who impressed him the most on the court was Nole.

-After several months away from the slopes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Musetti has been training in Italy for a few days:

“I am fortunate to have trained for a few days now with Alessandro Giannessi at the San Benedetto Tennis Club. We are doing an excellent job and we are adapting very well to this situation. We maintain very well the distances and the aspect of work that The more we are training is the resistance, the movement and the fatigue control. The first days were very complicated and I felt very strange in each movement to hit the ball. Little by little I am adapting to it. “

-How does a tennis player combine his studies with tournaments:

“When I’m in tournaments I don’t think about school. I try to catch up on classes when I’m at home or have a little free time. When I come out of training I just focus on the next tournament. In these last few weeks I haven’t There have been tennis due to the pandemic, they have sent me teaching materials by email and I have started studying. At the end of the year they will give me an exam to access the following year “.

-Musetti managed to train in Australia with players like Federer, Djokovic or Medvedev, among others:

“It was an unforgettable experience. I played an hour with Djokovic and Medvedev in which I learned a lot of things. With Federer it was a warm-up. We did not do any particular point or exercise, but I agree with tennis fans when affirming that Roger is the best tennis player of all time. For me, he is my idol. But if I have to be honest, the tennis player that most impressed me was Novak Djokovic. Medvedev on the other hand, is a very particular player and is very solid from the bottom of the track. It doesn’t have a ball speed but it complicates a lot each point. It was an honor to have played with those three great stars. “

-The clay is the surface that best suits your game:

“I tend to play well indoors, but I haven’t had very good results. I really like playing on clay, as it suits my playing style very well. In Australia I also play very well. I have practically played on all surfaces Possible. I’ve even played in Ortisei, which is practically playing on ice as fast as the court goes (laughs). On grass I’ve played only once, at Wimbledon in junior mode and it wasn’t a bad thing. Let’s say I’m a tennis player I can play well on all surfaces. “

-Which top tennis player has characteristics similar to him?

“If I had to go for one it would be Stefanos Tsitsipas. He is a player who has playing characteristics perhaps a bit similar to mine. Obviously he is much stronger and more consolidated than me on the circuit, but he has a concept of tennis very similar to mine. I hope I can get closer to what he is achieving in recent years. “

-Reasons for and against playing without an audience:

“I have spent many days training without an audience in the stands. Now without thinking I would tell you that I would not mind playing without fans as long as there is only the chair judge and Simone (his coach). Although I also understand the people who are against I saw the exhibition tournament where players like Opelka or Kecmanovic played and seeing the empty stands is really very bad from a television point of view, “concluded the Italian.