Lorenzo Méndez reported on his social networks that he no longer has COVID-19 (IG: lorenzomendez7)

Although « Chiquis » Rivera had announced that both she and her husband, Lorenzo Méndez, had passed the COVID-19, the interpreter confirmed the information on their social networks.

On his Twitter account he wrote: « COVID free » and « God is so good », but hours later, on Instagram stories, he gave more details about his health.

« I want to report here officially that I have antibodies and that I am free of coronaviruses,blessed god ”, he pointed out in one of the stories.

“Officially crown free, yes. Take care of yourselves, cover your mouths, wash your hands ”, added the singer.

Lorenzo Méndez first reported on Twitter that he is now virus free

Lorenzo took the opportunity to thank all the people who sent them messages of support and who were aware of their health.

« Blessed God our symptoms were not so strong, but all the people who do are in our prayers. Take care of yourselves ”, he concluded.

Since last week « Chiquis » (whose real name is Janney Marín) reported that his new test for COVID-19 had been negative and later gave more details of his battle with the virus.

In a transmission he made on Facebook, he regretted that people with COVID-19 are discriminated against and rejected.

« Chiquis » Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez got COVID-19 a few weeks ago (IG: lorenzomendez7)

He assured that « After a person has COVID, after 15 days they can no longer spread nobody, no matter if you still test positive, after having COVID for 15 days you are no longer contagious ”.

She was emphatic in pointing out that contagion can occur anywhere. « They have to be very careful, » he commented to his followers.

« I am thankful to God that he gave me the COVID and right now I am fine and I even have antibodies. I want to educate people to know what this is, It is a very rare flu, it affects your brain In a way that I don’t even know how to explain, it starts in the brain and goes down to taste, ”he added.

He asked for more compassion for people who have had the virus and acknowledged that the day before he was sad about some comments he received.

« Chiquis » also has antibodies to COVID-19 (IG: chiquis)

« It is not something that I wanted to grab, I thank God that he gave me the COVID, that I was able to understand it, that I now know that it exists, that I no longer have it and now I have antibodies. »

“I was very sad yesterday, why do they say those things, but you know what, now I feel stronger, I feel more capable, I thank God that I got out of this. There are many people who have lost many loved ones to this virus, there are many people who have had it and have not said, artists, if it gave me it is because I do have the ovaries to say it and now I understand is to be able to help and bring awareness, here I am to answer any questions, « he said in his transmission.

Days before « Chiquis » spoke of his refusal to the test, after several days with COVID-19, where he presented tiredness, loss of sense of taste and smell, as well as intense headaches.

« Chiquis » Rivera regretted that people who have had COVID-19 are discriminated against (IG: chiquis)

« I came out negative to COVID and I have antibodies, which is very good », He explained on his social networks, where he also showed his proof.

And it is that « Chiquis » was pointed out for allegedly having lied about his contagion and that is why he saw the need to show his positive test, as well as Lorenzo’s.

“The truth, from the heart, I do not wish anyone this. There are moments when I feel bad, this virus is real, I don’t know how to explain what I am saying, ”he commented in a clip on his social networks, where he made it clear: « I would never play with my health for advertising. »


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