Lorente vs Antúnez: the new sap collides in Barcelona

The new generation of boxing, despite the slowdown of the pandemic, continues to flourish. Two good examples collide this Saturday at the Mundet Sports Center in Barcelona. Cristóbal Lorente (11-0-1, 1 KO) and Juan Jesús ‘Xispi’ Antúnez (7-0, 3 KO) face off for the national featherweight title, which is vacant, in a duel that is expected to be highly contested and that both coincide: “It will be a fighter,” they point out in the Boxeo a la Carrera podcast. They are young (Lorente 25 years old and Antúnez 26) and they are very hungry for glory. It shows. The hours are counting for high gloves and for the bell to ring.

Lorente He will act as a local, which “he likes.” “I have been waiting since 2019 to be able to play the Nacional. It has been falling, fighting against Kevin Baldospino (former co-candidate) I think I was doing better, but with all these circumstances I will be able to do it in front of my people,” he says. The Catalan has left the ‘Ko Verdun’ factory and considers Sandor Martín, triple European champion, “his brother”. Cristóbal started boxing at the age of 5 and only three separate him from Sandor. “We have grown up together,” he says. That experience acquired together with one of the greatest exponents of national boxing suggests that it will be key in the lawsuit.

For its part, Antunez He also arrives with a covered sign, just like his opponent. He is a brave fighter with good technique who has not stopped attracting attention. He has little experience in rental boxing, but the Basque promoter MGZ has not wanted to let him escape. They see talent in him and have bet. The Andalusian arrives very calm. “I’ve been looking forward to this fight for a long time. Acting as a visitor doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m going to leave everything to go home with that Spanish Championship“He warns. Two promising youngsters have their chance in Barcelona. One will remain undefeated and with the belt … the other will have to remake the path. Pure boxing.

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