Lorena Meritano received an ugly and cruel message of hatred, exposed it in networks, because they even wished her death

Lorena Meritano is a recognized actress of soap operas of Argentine origin. He has participated in stories such as “Pasión de Gavilanes”, “Eco Moda”, “Desperate Housewives”, “The Woman of My Life” and “Prisoner of Love”, among others. The interpreter who is also remembered for having fought against cancer and having won, is now in the news for the terrible hateful messages she has received. Which he has not hesitated to expose through Instagram.

“Hopefully you die a cheap actress”, reads in one of the first texts. “You are disgusting despite everything being acted out”, they told him later. Along with these hurtful texts, Meritano has also left a reflection in which he assures that a long time ago he managed to deal with this situation, and that is that Lorena is not seeking advice, nor is she generating pity, she simply wanted to express one of the ills that afflict to social networks. Because he stated that like these messages, he receives many.

“If someone can give me a logical explanation, without please tell me what I should or should not do with these types of messages, read them or not read them, block them, and so on. I am an adult and thank God they stopped affecting me a long time ago. But, I must confess, that it intrigues me and it powerfully calls my attention to how a person can get, not only to feel something like this, but to write it ”.

He continues: “I don’t know who it is but in the second photo of my post you will see what it says to be Happy. I am honest with you, I enter the networks less and less because each time I protect myself more from the violence, toxicity and aggressiveness prevailing and in life I can choose but in the networks you open the DMs to give your time and energy to someone who sends you a message and you find things like they are and they are not few, “they are a lot”.

The decision to block the person who sent you the text is a reality, a concrete step to follow, but this does not mean that you forget that there is a human being on the other side and that is why you ask God, for this person: “Obviously I’m going to block it and report it. He’s going to seem like a demagogue but I pray and ask God for beings like that who are very sick with hatred. God bless you and everyone who crosses your path and you can heal that hurt heart. Hugs and good nights “.

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