The actress considered that « pure nonsense » is exhibited on the platform (Photo: Instagram @lorenaherrera)

It is a fact that In recent months, the short video platform TikTok has gained popularity, where users share clips from their day-to-day life, humorous song edits, viral “challenges”, filters and little comic routines in the form of a sketch.

Perhaps due to the period of confinement that much of the world is going through, encouraging people to spend more time on social networks and experimenting with applications, the popular platform has gained millions of followers in a large number of countries.

But not only the public has shown their interest in the application, The members of the artistic medium have also used the platform as an effort to maintain its validity and a more direct approach with his followers, especially the younger ones.

He considered that at his age he would not look good on the platform adopted by the young public (Photo: Instagram @lorenaherrera)

However, the actress and model Lorena Herrera revealed that she would never use this social network since it seems « silly » and crossed out the people who use it, considering that its use at his age would be ridiculous.

This was stated by the also singer in an interview for the media cameras at an event:

“It doesn’t go with me, I think it’s for very young people, right? They are like pure nonsense right? it is for pure kids, for a woman my age, doing such nonsense, I would feel very ridiculous « , he expressed.

After this comment, the media present at the location where the actress gave the interview They did not hesitate to ask him if his words were directed as a hint to Érika Buenfil, who has been considered as « the queen of TikTok » in Mexico or to some other colleague from the middle of the show who has seen a showcase in this social network, and this is how the blonde reacted:

“I am not saying anything to anyone, she is a beautiful woman, very nice and funny and if she does it and enjoys it, it is excellent. I’m speaking for myself, I couldn’t do it, « he added.

Lorena has also been talking about lately due to her controversial ideas about COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @lorenaherreraoficial)

Finally Herrera made it clear that he only refers to his personal tastes, pointing out that the respect he feels for his professional colleagues who have succumbed to the “tiktokera” fashion will survive in it: “It is for young people, but they have already entered into ages, if it helps them financially, it’s great, I spoke for myself, « he concluded.

The rise of TikTok in times of pandemic

In times of free time, options to stay current and on-line they are many and varied, But the one that has attracted attention in recent months is the application that was launched in China in 2016 and that a year later was released worldwide.

Since its appearance, it has not stopped adding users, and although initially its target market was the so-called centennials, young people born between the mid-90s and the mid-2000s, their audience has spanned other sectors, also adding celebrities and influencers. The application initially known as broadcasts mainly humorous material created by its enthusiasts, who in 2019 alone added 188 million new users, making it the third most used application on the planet.

Érika Buenfil has been called « the queen of TikTok » and has more than four million followers on the platform (Photo: Screenshot)

Known in the east as Douyin, TikTok combines different formulas previously tested, like the defunct Vine videos, trends and hashtags Twitter, filters and stickers that Instagram copied to Snapchat, and the immediacy in YouTube video, making it an extremely attractive platform.

TikTok has more than 500 million active users per month, in more than 150 markets and 39 languages, and in 2019 it was the second most downloaded application in the United States, Second only to the recently launched Disney +.

Choreographies, dances, lipsync and performances are part of the challenges that are assumed by tiktokers, users of the application to which famous Mexicans have also succumbed.


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