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Last week the entertainment world mourned after the death of Sir Ian Holm, a British actor best known to many for portraying Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. For the gaming community this news was not foreign and as proof we have that the fans decided to pay tribute to him in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Several free MMO players chatted on reddit about the different ways the community came together to honor Holm’s memory. Approximately 300 people participated in one of the tributes who connected to the Evernight server and visited the Rivendell Valley to meet with the NPC of Bilbo Baggins. There someone played the theme Misty Mountains.

« I really love this community. About 300 people gathered and walked to Rivendell without notice. Rest in peace, Ian, may your soul be free ”, mentioned Ch_Mell, one of the users who participated in this ceremony.

That’s not all, since another group of players gathered in the Belegaer server’s Closed Bag. There they had fireworks, music and wished the actor a final rest in total peace, which gave happiness to many. A similar celebration was held on the Laurelin server.

Below you can see one of the tributes paid to Sir Ian Holm:

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