Lord of the Rings: Billy Boyd reveals there was going to be a nude with Pippin and Merry

Is there or is there no sensuality and sexuality in JRR Tolkien’s books? That is the question of the moment. Since it was reported that there would be nudes in the series of The Lord of the rings, fans have been divided on whether or not that is relevant given that the books don’t really explore the sexuality of their characters much. In response to the controversy, actor Billy Boyd spoke, the good Peregrin Tuk, and revealed that in the Peter Jackson trilogy there were going to be nudes as well.

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According to IndieWire, the actor Billy boyd He explained that there was at least one nude scene in director Peter Jackson’s films that he remembers. He revealed that it was a moment in the second film, The Two Towers, in which his character and that of Dominic Monaghan were going to remain as they came into the world. This was what the interpreter detailed about the scene that, apparently, was never shot:

There were almost nudity in the movies. Philippa Boyens wrote a scene because we were making jokes. He said ‘there’s a new scene we’re going to do next week with the Ents. When Merry and Pippin are on Treebeard, he gets scared and shakes its branches, causing them to fall and as they fall they will hit all the branches. By the time they hit the ground, they’re naked. ‘ I liked it. I have a fantastic butt and I thought it was time to show it off.

As he mentions, this scene had a comic rather than a sensual purpose. One of the constant criticisms, both of the films and the books, is the lack of sexual character of their characters. Although there is romance in both, in the films more emphasized between Aragorn and Arwe, and in the books between Faramir and Éowyn, the scenes of the new Amazon series have not yet revealed exactly what purpose they will serve.

Although it is known that the production hired “intimacy coordinators” (specialists who are in charge of establishing protocols for the actors when they do this kind of scenes called intimacy coaches in English) that does not mean that it will have sex scenes in the style of Game of Thrones – 59% necessarily. It may be sequences with nudity, but without sexual activity. But even if it were, you have to wonder if it really would be something outrageous.

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There are very few details yet about the plot of the series. Amazon has been careful not to reveal too much. What has been confirmed is that the show will be set in the Second Age, thousands of years before even the story of The Hobbit, in which Bilbo first encounters the One Ring. There are theories that suggest that, in fact, we will see the story of how Sauron managed to forge the others and, eventually, begin his great conquest of Fearland before being defeated by Isildur.

What is known is that the series will have the most expensive budget in the history of television with more than US $ 350 million just for the first of many seasons that are already in development. There is no release date yet, but the episodes are already being shot, which means it may hit Prime Video in mid-to-late 2022.

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