(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, congratulated this Sunday the Mexican parents « living and deceased ». Through his Twitter account he sent the congratulation accompanied by a photograph where he is sitting next to a man on the floor of the entrance of a humble house.

« Congratulations to all the parents of Mexico, alive, deceased and always remembered with affection. », he wrote on social networks. The photo that accompanies the publication does not specify where or when it was taken.

Last Saturday afternoon, López Obrador broadcast part 4 of the interview conducted by producer Epigmenio Ibarra, in which he expressed that his opponents are desperate to remove him from the presidency, but asked them to « calm down », because the revocation of mandate will come very soon and there they will be able to vote to « kick him out » in a democratic way.

Obrador assured in the fourth part of his interview with Epigmenio Ibarra that the opponents, especially the National Action Party (PAN), are developing a plan to win the election of the Chamber of Deputies that is to come. He revealed that they care a lot about having a majority to revoke or modify the laws that have been approved so far.

López Obrador in an interview with Epigmenio Ibarra (Photo: Screenshot)

« Imagine that the PAN voted against giving pensions to older adults, girls and boys with disabilities, against giving scholarships to students from poor families, against guaranteeing the right to health », said the president.

Further, explained that they are upset that corruption is now a serious crime and there is no right to bail or because article 28 of the Constitution has been amended « and it was established that the remission of taxes is prohibited, they enjoyed that privilege ».

According to the plan that the president assures, it is also one of the opposition priorities to achieve that during the revocation of the mandate they manage to remove him from office; However, López Obrador was optimistic and sure of having the people.

Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller and Andrés Manuel López Obrador in an interview with Epigmenio Ibarra (Photo: Screenshot)

“According to this plan, on the 22nd, as I sent the initiative for the revocation of the mandate and I am going to submit to it, they are preparing because they think they are going to win me, that they are going to remove me from the presidency. We’ll see. I am convinced that people are supporting change, that they no longer want to return to the regime of corruption, injustice and privileges, « said Andrés Manuel.

By last, He assured that for the moment conservatism continues to unite and convince businessmen to join their initiatives. In addition, he assured that they have intellectuals, journalists, the media and a lot of money on their side.

“But there are other things, the reality has already changed, the mentality of the people is different. When the mentality of the people changes, everything changes, ”said the Mexican president.

Congratulate him by other means … but do not visit him, López-Gatell’s call for Father’s Day

During the conference to report the progress of the pandemic, the official stressed that although this date is commemorated with less enthusiasm than Mother’s Day, it is not the time to hold meetings, and less so for people who, due to their age, can be placed in groups of greater vulnerability before a possible contagion of covid-19.

« We kindly ask the population to avoid physically meeting, the epidemic is still active, This is not the right time for parties, congregations, be close, emotionally close to your parents, grandparents, and avoid getting together. Later they will celebrate.

« Most of them are old enough to be at a higher risk of getting complicated and the best gift they can give dad right now is not to take a risk of having covid and have a bad outcome for covid. Congratulate him by other means and extend your appreciation, your support, but do not visit him, stay at a safe distance for this day, « said the official.

In Mexico, began to be celebrated during the decade of 1960 and with the passage of time, this date became important. Usually it is customary to offer a regalo, greeting card, crafts for parents, races, invite them to eat or meet as a family.

However, this year will not be the same: the pandemic generated by COVID-19 has caused the authorities of each country to alert and recommend compliance with biosafety regulations such as social distancing for avoid contagions by coronavirus on Father’s Day.