(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said on Monday that criminal complaints are being prepared, for a package of 50 billion pesos, against the so-called « billmakers », which created a collection system parallel to the SAT, causing a leak of up to 30% of government revenue.

“Suddenly, they came up like this, to falsify invoices, issue apocryphal invoices and by means of money laundering mechanisms, taxpayers ended up not paying full taxes. A kind of parallel SAT was created where these offices offered services to companies, to citizens who had to pay taxes and a great fraud was committed, we cannot keep silent.

We are going to make known what this fraud is to the nation, how it operated, who was responsible and how many people were also victims of these false invoices, most of us are going to say, innocently, they got into this mechanic and ended up evading the payment of contributions, we are going to report this week ”, isaid the Mexican president.

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

López Obrador clarified that the names of the debtors will not be released out of respect for their dignity and so as not to fall into « the spectacular », but they will be notified and given a deadline for them to catch up on their contributions.

“A package of 50 billion pesos is being prepared, of course, criminal complaints will be filed for taxpayers; And for taxpayers who don’t even know their bills were fake, they are going to be given time to regularize.

In order not to fall into the spectacular, we will keep the name of the people in secrecy, they will be notified if they are to be regularized but the names will not be released« He assured.

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

The Mexican president explained that with this parallel system up to 30% of government revenue was lost, and reiterated that there will be no impunity and organized crime and white-collar crime will be combated.

“In this of the false invoices, as it is possible that nothing has been said, look at the level of complicity, simulation compromises. There is a project that up to 30% of taxes were stopped being collected. Rather, the flight was equivalent to 30% of government income. We are talking about a monumental fraud, ”said López Obrador.

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