López Acuña points out a possible trigger for the third wave

Spain, although practically the whole world, is at an important moment regarding the management of the pandemic, since Restrictive measures are being imposed that are managing to reduce infections and at the same time the Christmas holidays are approaching. And precisely This is an imminent danger seen by many experts, including Daniel López Acuña.

The former director of Health Action of the WHO has been very clear in this regard in his weekly section of La Ventana de Asturias, from Cadena Ser: “If we’re not very careful about getting into the Christmas season frenzy, it can lead to a third wave or a major broadcast. We have to bend the curve so that things are as acceptable as possible ”.

Whether family reunions can be held remains to be seen, or the traditional custom of eating the grapes in a local square, but López Acuña considers that restrictions are necessary in this regard: “We have to understand that it will not be a Christmas like the usual ones. There must be restrictions on the number of people who meet, in social or family bubbles, we will have to have physical distance and protection ”.

The importance of good pedagogy

In addition to the restrictions that the Government may put, The expert has spoken of the need for a “social pedagogy” so that the population is responsible for itself: “We have to try to achieve everything we can through positive messages because once there is a vaccine, it will be safe and effective. Hopefully those percentages of the population who say they would not wear it change their perspective. Health workers, opinion leaders, the media, the government … we have to do it because the tool to control the pandemic is the vaccine ”.

“The law provides that in cases of pandemic a vaccine may become mandatory”, also argues in relation to a proposal of the Galician PP to fine those who refuse to put it on. Also, remember: “When we have conquered diseases like smallpox, we had to have a vaccination certificate to travel “.

Praise to Asturias for its management

In his section for radio in Asturias, Daniel López Acuña has also highlighted the screening what the community is going to do, since “they will be targeted to high-risk populations. They are not random or massive as in the Community of Madrid that give very low rates of positivity and do not sufficiently capture contagions“.

On the other hand, assessing antigen testing, highlights the strategy to be carried out: “Do not replace PCR, but use them where they can give good results, such as in health centers, emergency rooms or some residences because these tests give a reasonable positivity when they have symptoms, not when they are asymptomatic ”.

By last, with regard to the Asturias Health Service and the hiring of last year nursing professionals, has highlighted that “if there are not enough personnel to be able to carry out vaccination tasks or to strengthen public health, facilities must be provided. What cannot be defended is only the bastions of the small groups of power of the different professions ”.