“Look Who Dances 2021”: Who was the third eliminated?

Univision Find out who was the third eliminated from “Look Who Baila 2021”.

A new gala of the ninth season of “Mira Quien Baila” was broadcast by Univision this Sunday, April 4. During the special broadcast, the Spanish-speaking audience said goodbye to the third eliminated from the dance competition.

The show began with a surprising opening by the six participants to the rhythm of the musical theme “Que Tire Pa ‘Lante” by singer-songwriter Daddy Yankee.

Cuban actor Pedro Moreno was this week’s special guest as judge in the company of Patricia Manterola, Casper Smart and Dayanara Torres.

Smart plans to return to “Look Who Baila” in person during the gala next week after having recovered satisfactorily from his diagnosis with COVID-19.

Manterola took over the dance floor to present his latest single “Como la marea”, a musical production that is currently available on the main digital platforms.

The six participants of “Mira Quien Baila” took to the dance floor for individual performances before the names of the five finalists and the third eliminated from this new season of the competition were announced. However, convincing the demanding judges is becoming increasingly difficult.

Chef Yisus showed his flamenco skills with the musical theme “Bulería” by the singer David Bisbal. Lindsay Casinelli moved her hips to the rhythm of the musical theme “Between Your Body and Mine” by Milly Quezada. Tony Dandrades surprised by dancing to the Mexican regional music theme “Tao, Tao” by Grupo Control. Aleyda Ortiz captivated with her dance steps with the musical theme “Mr. Sandman ”, played by herself. La Bronca paid a heartfelt tribute to its Mexican roots with the musical theme “El Noa Noa” by Juan Gabriel. Roberto Hernández surprised with the musical theme “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry.

Who went to the next gala of the ninth season of Univision’s “Mira Quien Baila”?

Aleyda Ortiz. Chef Yisus. Roberto Hernandez.

The star saved by his teammates from being in danger of elimination was …

The star saved by his teammates was Lindsay Casinelli. It is the second time that the Venezuelan television presenter has been saved in one of the galas of the ninth season of Univision’s “Mira Quien Baila”.

After being in danger of elimination during the fourth gala of the competition, Casinelli joined the list of participants who will officially be part of the semifinal.

The third eliminated from “Look Who Baila” was …

Tony Dandrades and La Bronca faced each other in one last dance during the ninth season of “Mira Quien Baila”, this before the verdict was announced by the judges on the third eliminated from the Univision television competition.

The Mexican announcer La Bronca was saved by the qualifying jury during the broadcast on Sunday, April 4.

Tony Dandrades was officially eliminated from the ninth season of “Mira Quien Baila”, one of the most important competitions in Univision programming.

Dandrades received a $ 5,000 prize from Univision to be donated in full to the charity he represented: Afro-Latino Association for Policy & Advocacy, which promotes social justice.

The semifinalists of the ninth season of “Mira Quien Baila” are …

La Bronca. Chef Yisus. Aleyda Ortiz. Roberto Hernandez. Lindsay Casinelli.

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