Look for Jem Wolfie to get his Instagram account back!

Look for Jem Wolfie to get his Instagram account back! | Instagram

Everything seems to indicate that model Australian Jem Wolfie finally wants to recover his official account on Instagram, because as you will remember, it was blocked from the famous social network of the camera because of its content.

As you may recall, it was on December 28, April Fools’ Day, when the Australian model had her Instagram account canceled for uploading high content.

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Since then, the model has constantly fought to regain her more than nine million followers on this platform, even her next tactic is to reach the courts.

We are studying the possibility of taking my case to court so that the digital platform returns my account to me, “he explained.

To date, Jem along with the Brazilian Suzy Cortez, they fight for the company to give them back their rights on Instagram and recover their source of work.

As you can see, Wolfie has taken refuge in digital accounts like Tik Tok, Twitter and OnlyFans, where she has captured the attention of thousands of her followers who saw her on Instagram.

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We are in a feedback process and to see what will happen to my future as an erotic influencer, “explained the model.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens with both the Australian and the Brazilian, because their followers are still waiting for them.