Look at the character posters

If there is an expected movie with a large cast, that is ‘The Suicide Squad’, the film with which James Gunn premieres in the DC Universe and that has raised so much expectation among fans.

The film, scheduled to hit theaters this summer, has a most suggestive cast. TO Margot robbie, Jai courtney, Joel kinnaman and Viola Davis, who take up the characters they had in David Ayer’s version, are joined by several more interpreters: Idris Elba like Bloodsport, John Cena as Peacemaker, Peter capaldi as Thinker, Sylvester Stallone will be Big Shark, Sean Gunn will play Weasel, Michael rooker will be Savant, David Dastmalchian will give life to Polka-Dot Man, … Juan Diego Botto, Storm reid, Pete davidson, Taika waititi, Alice braga among others they will be at Gunn’s feat.

As seen in the first preview, the plot is loaded with action, absurd humor, irreverent sequences and characters in extreme situations. All this with a very colorful aesthetic and with a bellicose halo, very much in the line of the official poster, which emanates a most violent style in the line of various war classics.

Without a doubt, the filmmaker has captured this story as his hallmark, which differs from the one we knew in 2016. For example, there are these posters that present twelve of the large cast. Which one will you keep? There are to choose from.