Longing to show off, even if we are committing a crime.

We have reached a point where the important thing is to show off. Although we are committing a crime. We have such a desire to boast, boast, boast or brag – any synonym works – that this desire can overcome any fear. We feel an irresistible need to make public where we are, what we do, with whom, or how.

Although it is not well.

How many times have we thought how those young people can be so stupid they circulate at extreme speeds and upload videos to social networks bragging about it? Videos to the delight of the Civil Guard, which does not take too long to find them. How can they be so stupid? We think. How can they be so stupid as to give themselves away?

The desire to show off can.

For those kinds of people, something doesn’t exist if you don’t count it.

And there are more and more patients with that need.

Some of those who have bypassed Covid restrictions and traveled this Easter crossing provinces have not had enough to lie in the sun and gloat over those of us who have been locked up at home to avoid spreading the virus – and saturating hospitals, and killing. It wasn’t enough, no.

Playa de Palma, this Easter.  REUTERS / Enrique Calvo

Playa de Palma, this Easter. REUTERS / Enrique Calvo

Because if you don’t show off, it’s like it doesn’t count. Like you never did.

So they haven’t stopped post photos on social media. The beach. The beach bar. The pool. Children in swimsuits. The mark of the sun on the skin. The skewers roasting over the coals. One after another.

And not only that, a part of the people who have stayed at home will feel envy for those who have had the courage to break the rules of the game. And, next time, they will try.

Longing to show off.

The next box is to put ourselves in danger just by hanging the photo.

And there are those who are already in it.