Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Indie video game companies are increasingly booming. There is nothing more to see the amount of independent video games that are released per week. Many of these video games may have been launched on one platform first and months later on another. This is the case of the title that we are dealing with today, Lonely MountainsDownhill, which came out in October for PS4, XBox One and PC, receiving great criticism from users and the press, and now it does for Nintendo Switch. This game is developed by Megagon Industries, a German company based in Berlin, made up of only two developers, Jan Bubenik and Daniel Helbig. Do you accompany us to tour the mountains with our bikes? Well here we go!

Rugged descents

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a game with a very simple premise, to descend with our bicycle from the top of a mountain to our camp, there is no more. It is not a game with history, nor with NPCs that we have to talk to, no; It is the typical title made to not think, relax and enjoy. Reading this, you may think that the game is not funny, right? Quite the contrary, and it is that the grace of this title lies in arriving at our camp safe and sound, without any scratch, or rather, without any accident on the way.

Accidents in Lonely Mountains: Downhill are the order of the day. Put on your helmet because you are going to pinch it many times. As we have mentioned, our objective is to descend from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain where our camp is located. This descent will be difficult, since the path is full of obstacles such as rocks, trees or winding paths. Thanks to its amazing physics systemWe must be careful not to have an accident and end up by a precipice. The big problem is that any false “pedaling” will mean our ruin and our death. That you hit a tree ?, see you later. What do you stumble over a stone? See you again Mari Carmen. Its difficulty curve does not grow exponentially, but rather abruptly; come on, from the first route the difficulty is already high. However, once you get the controls, especially mastering the brake, things change. The controls are easy: pedaling, braking and accelerating, but it should be noted that it is missing that we can give reverse, since how many times we are in front of a precipice and when we cannot pedal backwards, we fall and destroy our route.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

The game features 4 different scenarios including mountains, forests or even gorges, and 16 tracks in total. We can choose to travel the route in explorer mode, in which our objective is only to enjoy the landscape and cross the finish line, or the challenges mode, where, as its name indicates, we have to overcome different challenges such as finishing the route below an estimated time or with fewer accidents than what is indicated in the challenge. If we succeed, we unlock more routes, outfits for our adventurer or pieces that help us unlock bicycles. Although everything seems very difficult, we must comment that within the route there are different control points, so if we crash, we start from the last control point. Each route has a main path but there are also alternative paths and shortcuts. These are obviously not marked as the main path is, so you have to discover them. They tend to be much more complicated, but yes, much more fun, because due to that complexity, we have to get our full potential with the controls, calculating everything to the millimeter. It should also be noted that the use of these alternative routes, of course, makes it possible to get to the next checkpoint much faster than the conventional route.

As we mentioned, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has a lot of challenges (201 in particular) that make you unlock routes, outfits or parts to buy different bikes. It also has a achievement system that will delight the most complete players, thus extending the game beyond its main “story”, which lasts a few 5 hours. However, the pique is insured thanks to the online ranking system, in which we can see where we are in the world ranking. We can see our classification of any route and mode that we have done.

A somewhat lackluster version

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a game that enters directly through the eyes thanks to its color and the beauty of its landscapes. It is true that the style he has is not realistic, but a low poly style, highlighted by geometric figures and flat colors. However, although it is a somewhat simple style, it is necessary to put buts, and that is that the version of Nintendo Switch does not look the same as the versions released on other platforms. Graphically it does not reach 1080p in any of its modes, observing big saw teeth and a lot of popping during the ride, being more marked the graphical descent in the Portable Mode. At the stability level it does not go to 60 fps as it happens on other platforms. It can reach 55 fps in TV mode, but frame drops They are constant, especially in settings where there are many elements. You are in the middle of a path where there are few elements, you enter a forest with many trees, leaves and so on, and the fps decrease a lot. This is really very uncomfortable because how many times have I lost control of the bike due to this sudden change in stability. It is also the opposite, that part of the route goes to a certain number of fps and suddenly the stability increases, making everything very strange. If this drop of frames per second occurs in normal mode, imagine in night mode. If in this mode the difficulty lies in the absence of light, since we are only guided by the light generated by our dynamo, imagine if we add the frame scrapes. Crazy.

lonely Mountains: Downhilllonely Mountains: DownhillThis is how it looks in Portable Mode

TO sound level, Lonely Mountains: Downhill transports us perfectly to those mountains we are descending on. We only listen to the sound of the water, the birds and the skidding of our bicycle. It is very good because it is very relaxing, but given the game that it is and the times that certain parts have to be repeated due to the accidents we suffer, a soundtrack is missing. We wish that there had been a selection of music tracks of various styles to accompany us on our routes through the mountains. Here we leave our note in case there is a second delivery.

Lonely Mountains: Dowhill – Descending the Mountain

The proposal of the guys from Megagon Industries with Lonely Mountains: Downhill, is fresh and risky, being a perfect combo. We are facing those types of games that itch and you do not stop until you achieve your goal. Thanks to its physics system, it makes the game quite realistic. Graphically it enters through the eyes, and although it has come out on other platforms previously, the Nintendo Switch version is the one that gets the worst stop due to its constant fps drops, popping and the graphical drop it presents. This does not tarnish the playable experience, except when the drop in fps is so abrupt that it can spoil the descent and cause an occasional accident.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: DownhillWe have analyzed Lonely Mountains: Downhill thanks to a digital code provided by Thunderful Games. Version analyzed 1.0.5p1

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill’s proposal is fresh and risky, like its mountainous descents. Thanks to its challenges, it is one of the titles that sting and you want more and more. However, the Nintendo Switch version does not come as polished as other platforms, due to the graphic resolution and constant fps drop.


Fresh and risky proposal

Lots of challenges and achievements that increase game hours


Graphically it could improve, since many saw teeth and popping are observed

The fps drops are constant in both TV and laptop mode

I could have had a selection of songs to make the descents more enjoyable