Lomachenko and his roller are back after crushing Nakatani

Impossible dodges, kickbacks from unlikely angles, quick hands and legs … Vasyl Lomachenko is a superclass and a fight, his defeat against Teófimo López, will not change him. The Ukrainian returned to action this Saturday after eight months and did so showing that he had not lost an iota of his quality. Masayoshi Nakatani could give a good account, and it is that the Japanese went home helplessly. He was not able to embarrass Loma, who was able to finish the duel in nine rounds. The inferiority of the Japanese was manifest and the referee stopped the massacre in time. ‘NoMasChenko’ returned to the ring.

The fight was very decadent on paper. It is true that the Japanese endured twelve rounds on Teofimo and that made the lawsuit morbid, but once the bell rang all the forecasts were confirmed. Lomachenko was tremendously superior. In the first two acts, the Ukrainian surprised thanks to his speed and Nakatani, seeing what was coming, began to lock the actions in the third act. That did not prevent the former world champion from being better (he exceeded 40% success in all rounds and in some he was close to 60%), but it made the task ugly.

Everything could change in the first round. A fortuitous head butt opened Lomachenko in the head. It was not a bother and the Ukrainian was able to do what he wanted: shoot. He brought out his entire arsenal and the little that his opponent could do was block him to try to force the result to be dictated by the judges. It was not so. Racanería is paid and more before someone so experienced and with such quality. Loma found the hole in the fifth round. He was in the clinch and with two hands he knocked Nakatani down. He recovered and the bell helped him, but he had to change course. In the sixth act he did not want to block the actions, he took work and the one against the Ukrainian he massacred him. The blows came in clear and clean, the response was very little … and he had to re-lock. Every plan he put into play was neutralized by Lomachenko. The ending was obvious. The Asian put heart to him, but Loma’s precision was massacring him. His right eye was practically closed and in the ninth round, after a good series by the Ukrainian, the referee stopped the fight. Just. Good comeback for Lomachenko.

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