Lolita Cortés tuned Laura Bozzo, “I don’t think she has talent”

Lolita Cortés tunes Laura Bozzo, “I don’t think she has talent” | Instagram

Huge tension has caused viewers to wonder what will happen between Lolita Courteous and Laura Bozzo, now that the Peruvian presenter has joined as a participant of The Stars Dance Today.

Apparently the tension has already started to rise, this after Dolores Cortés, who is the iron judge of the dance contest of the Hoy Program, assured on social networks that she does not believe that Laura bozzo have talent.

The actress, dancer and host assured that the Peruvian lawyer was “narcissistic” and that she doubted her talent; However, it would be on the track where Laura Bozzo would prove otherwise. Latin Lover indicated that if Laura’s presenter in America dances as she leads, she would do it quite well, but apparently, Cortés does not agree with Lover.

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The former judge of the Academy without any penalty stressed that she does not like how Bozzo drives and that he also does not have the talent to walk; He assured that the famous Peruvian should adapt to the good energy of her partner, Carlos Bonavides, because he is a very positive person and who comes with all the energy.

We are dealing with a person who seems completely narcissistic to me. So I hope she understands that she is a contestant who is also the partner of a man who has all the energy in the world, all the desire to be here, shared Cortés.

Laura joined the participants of Las Estrellas Bailan in Today after it became known that whoever was José José’s partner, Anel Noreña, would not even show up for rehearsals, since due to health problems he could not give everything on stage.

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I don’t think he’s talented, he can’t even be seen when he walks. We’ll see what happens this week, the judge added.

Laura Bozzo appeared on the Hoy Program to advocate for “Huicho Domínguez” and more than that, she offered herself as his dance partner to prevent him from being taken out of the famous contest, something that was accepted by the judges.

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The incorporation of Bozzo into the contest took Galilea Montijo, with whom he has had quarrels in the past, enormously by surprise; as well as Andrea Legarreta herself and especially Lolita Cortés, who seems not to have liked the new participant very much.

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Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy has been a success, there was talk of this project before it was even launched on the morning of Televisa. The dance contest is scheduled to last for 6 weeks in which 16 celebrities compete to be the best on the dance floor, there will definitely be many more surprises on Today.