This week, it’s Lola Marois who is the mystery guest of Un Diner Presque Parfait. And from the first episode, the actress hooked up with one of the participants, but not about her cooking.

A Almost Perfect Dinner has been a hit for several years on M6. Several special editions were broadcast with exceptional participation from reality TV contestants and celebrities. And this week, it is Lola Marois, the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard, who was the mystery guest of the cooking show. A well-chosen guest since none of the other participants visibly recognized her. And it is during the presentations that the atmosphere suddenly became less friendly.

“He still has a good right eh! “

When it came time to introduce herself, Lola Marois immediately revealed her identity:

I am an actress, we say comedienne… My life is exciting, I have two children… With Jean-Marie Bigard… The former humorist!

One of the guests quipped:

Ah the old one, you put it in the closet!

Lola Marois defends herself before preventing:

This is a joke, oh guys! Ah must not touch Jean-Marie eh!

It was then that Rodrigue, another participant, clearly assumes thathe is not a fan of the comedian. The tone was quickly raised when the wife of the presidential candidate of 2022 stepped up to the plate, laughing yellow:

Well, you will tell him! You will tell him that you are not a fan of him, you will tell him to his face… He still has a good right eh!

Unimpressed, Rodrigue retorted:

Don’t worry, I can defend myself!

Facing the camera, the 53-year-old man, also an actor, reacted to this little clash:

Me, personally, I found that it was going a little in trouble … Because I said to myself: “Ooh la la, the character … It’s either she will become a little kitten or the tiger will come out of its shell. “.

Lola Marois, who married Jean-Marie Bigard in May 2011, has always shown unwavering support for her husband, no matter what. Critics have been warned!