Lola, Madonna’s daughter poses with a Mexican design look – El Sol de México

Lourdes León, the first-born of the singer Madonna, is a woman who has raised her voice in favor of #BodyPositive and is not afraid to challenge beauty standards. Thanks to her confidence and feminine impetus, she has managed to conquer large internationally renowned fashion firms for whom she has modeled.

Proof of this is her recent appearance on social networks with a daring photograph that reveals her back with a purple strappy dress and a wide opening in the derrier, designed by Mexican Victor Barragán. He also sports a huge blue tattoo that has stairs that go up to the sky and are surrounded by white clouds.

In the image that was published on Lola’s official Instagram account, as the model is better known, she has already reached more than 16 thousand likes and it was highlighted that said photograph is part of the next edition of Office Magazine, a magazine of New York.

The also daughter of Cuban dancer Carlos León, posed in another photograph in which she can be seen lying on a bed with pink sheets, with the same outfit and in which she wears shiny black hair.

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The designer originally from Mexico City, currently resides in the city of skyscrapers where he has achieved significant growth for the eponymous brand.

The DNA of the fashion house is based on portraying all Mexican tribes through a unique fashion proposal, in which it challenges gender stereotypes and promotes new consumer proposals.

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