In these times, Social conscience and public responsibility have become two factors of supreme importance in the fight against the greatest challenge that humanity has faced in so far this century: the coronavirus pandemic. After months of confinement and the subsequent upturn in cases, which threatens to lead to a second massive wave of infections, doing things right (which implies complying with the security measures set by the authorities) is essential.

For this reason, the bulk of the population is unwilling to easily forgive those who disdain health recommendations and they do not take seriously the gravity of the situation. And the group Stool became last Friday in Target of the fiercest criticism as a result of the viralization of videos of her show at the Starlite festival in Marbella. In the images, the leader of the band, Willy Bárcenas, could be heard shouting at one point: “Not a fucking mask!”

Although the singer tried to defend himself after explaining that his words were a “reproach”, the truth is that the barrage of attacks has continued to decline sharply in recent days. Even other famous people as the journalist Mamen MendizábalThey did not hesitate to harshly reprimand Stool for his behavior. AND the last celebrity to send a ‘message’ to the group has been his colleague Lola Indigo.

The former contestant of ‘Operación Triunfo’ took advantage of the concert that she gave in Castellón the day after the controversy to make a brief speech in which, without naming them directly, he exposed the members of the Madrid band. The video of his statements, which one of the show attendees recorded, has been gaining resonance in recent days on Twitter, obtaining the applause of the majority of Internet users.

“The culture is safe. There are many things that are not. We are going to keep shouting it until they listen to us once”, the singer began, before serving the ‘zasca’: “It is irresponsible for any artist to encourage the public not to comply with safety regulations. Because if that happens, neither you are going to be able to enjoy the rest of the concerts of those cycles, nor are the artists going to be able to go to those cycles. They eliminate leisure and eliminate the work of many people who need it. “

“Lola being queen as always”commented one tweeter, while another noted the following: “Great truth and all artists should rise up against the irresponsibility of @ stool89 these acts harm everyone. To you as artists and your careers and to us to be able to enjoy you. This is how we all pay for it, and many with death. “