Operación Triunfo premiered in 2001 and since then has given visibility to many young people who come to the program to train and demonstrate their singing talent. During all this time numerous artists such as David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Aitana or Edurne have risen to fame thanks to the talent show. Now, Mimi Doblas, better known as Lola Indigo has spoken for Semana magazine about how managed the success OT has given him and about how he has lived in recent months during the confinement by coronavirus.

Lola Indigo rose to fame thanks to her participation in Operación Triunfo 2017, was the first expelled from the editionBut, paradoxically, that did not prevent her from being linked to music and growing as an artist during all these years, becoming one of the most famous singers of that year. Despite this, the young woman has admitted in the interview that being the first expelled took its toll since she did not have the same media exposure as her peers even if they had signed the same contract, which according to her is “like a mortgage”.

The singer has also admitted that she had to work much more than the rest to get where she has gone: “I am paying a debt that I have not really taken advantage of. A person who has not reached the final has to do post-program work to promote their music, which a finalist does not have to do. At the end you have the same debt to the program, without the program giving you the same exposure“and to what he has added:” This is the situation of a first expelled, who has to seek life and owes him the same as the others

Likewise, she wanted to thank the program for everything she has done for her and she feels “super grateful” for being able to attend the concert tour that the talent show performed with the rest of her colleagues: “and above all, for having done the tour, because for me the concerts were a great learning experience and I won many tables “, he explained in the magazine.

Lola Indigo during quarantine

The young artist has also spoken to the media about how the coronavirus quarantine has passed and She said that it was “very good and calm” and that it was good for her body.: “I think my body needed to stand a little, or that’s what I wanted to think so as not to get overwhelmed.” He also said that he has spent time doing activities such as writing, playing sports or dancing.