Lola Indigo melts with Aina in ‘the Dancer’ and gives her her first direct pass

“You are only eight years old, but I want to help you fulfill your dream.” These are the words with which Lola Indigo has said to a very emotional Aina who was the recipient of his first direct pass. It happened this Monday, in the third installment of The Dancer, on La 1 de Televisión Española.

Unlike Miguel Ángel Muñoz, also a captain in the dance talent, which took last week almost the entire gala in finding the right recipient, the interpreter of Woman Witch has had it quite clear, and shortly after starting the gala she decided that Aina was the one worthy of the pass.

But why her? As the dancer also explained with enthusiasm, see something of her reflected in little Aina. And it seemed something reciprocated, because the girl herself asked to be on the team, nothing more and nothing less, Lola Indigo.

In addition, Aina came accompanied by his little brother, Ramón, who did not hesitate to stand up for the girl: “Vote for her”, he said, regretful, when Lola Indigo asked him what he had to do and starring in the most tender moment of the gala. Ramón was also much calmer, who made the opening statement for the girl, saying that she was all day dancing and doing tiktoks.

Aina stood out for her attitude and her swagger when she said that she danced hip hop and that Lola Indigo was among her Instagram followers. Later, Miguel Ángel Muñoz made mention of Aina’s energy and expressiveness, while Rafa Méndez let her know that everyone wanted her in their teams and invited Ramón to come on stage, who would not stop crying at the emotion of seeing her her sister: “I want her to dance very well,” she said before asking for the girl’s pass … and getting it.