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Despite having an empty 2020, Marvel managed to keep the attention of its audience during the pandemic thanks to the series premiered in Disney Plus. With three different proposals, each project was presented as something more than a whim to exploit these characters. WandaVision finally lifted and dignified the character of Wanda, played by Elizabeth Olsen, while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier took the official step to have a new Captain America, as well as the arrival of new internal enemies. Loki was expected to also help delve into the famous villain, but from the very first episode it was clear that the story will be much more complex.

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Although the protagonists of these series do not interact with each other, what happens in each of their contexts definitely marks the way for the new phase of the UCM. There has been talk of bringing multiverses to the big screen for a long time. The official name of the sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the end of WandaVision and the confirmation of certain characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home have sparked a thousand theories among fans, and in more ways than one, the series of Loki encourage this debate.

During the first episode it was clear to us that multiverses exist and that if they get out of control the original timeline is in danger. The character of Loki, again played by Tom Hiddleston, is an example of this, because the one we see on the screen is not the one from the original line but the one that escaped during Avengers: Endgame – 95% when the avengers traveled to the past looking for the Infinity Stones. Having several universes is something that in the comics serves to reset stories, resurrect characters and explore new paths, but in adaptations it can be somewhat complicated and Loki you will need to achieve that visual and creative balance before seeing this development in the cinema.

The comic part has always been present in the projects of Marvel, but that does not mean that they cannot take more serious steps, as has already been proven in past titles where important issues such as grief, mental and emotional breakdown, social injustice, racism, etc. were addressed. To follow this tradition but with their own style, the creators had to find references at a visual and narrative level that matched their approach, and it turns out that David Fincher himself is one of the strongest.

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During an interview with Deadline, Director and Executive Producer Kate Herron confirmed the inspiration behind Loki:

Se7en is a strong influence.

Michael Waldon, chief writer for the series added:

I think Fincher, surely. I think Zodiac was a huge influence in the writers room.

Waldon is best known for working on the famous animation Rick and morty, which also touches on the subject of time travel and multiverses, so its influence is evident and, for many, even necessary. In addition, the producer commented on the first proposal that occurred to him for the character when he learned that they would do a series of Loki:

I was just thinking Loki is DB Cooper, that’s all I could think of. Just the chance for chaos and inner fun that seemed just to have a good time… so I went for it.

This comment refers to a time when they explain that Loki lost a bet against Thor and proceeded to hijack a plane and steal a lot of money calling himself BD Cooper. In real life, Cooper is famous for escaping mid-flight with stolen money never to be found.

The first episode definitely had these funny moments about the relationship between the brothers and the strange bureaucracy of the place it arrives Loki, but it also provided us with somewhat more violent insights and began to tempt fans with the possible collapse of the universes, the fact that the Infinity Stones are no longer important and that there must be a worse risk than Thanos. The plot itself specifies that they are looking for a murderer who kills those who seek to restore the timelines and this is where the influence of Fincher can be well understood, as Zodiaco – 89% and Seven, the Seven Deadly Sins – 79% are tapes that talk about suspicion, the pursuit of the serial killer and obsession.

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