‘Loki’: The God of Deception is deceived? in the new trailer for the Disney + series

The God of Deception … Deceived? That seems to be the game of ‘Loki’, judging by this new (and spectacular) trailer. Disney + has published a new trailer for the Marvel Studios series ahead of its premiere on the streaming platform on June 11.

This is the second trailer we see of ‘Loki’; the first came to light in December and already gave juicy clues to the plot that will develop this series whose writers room is led by Michael Waldron, producer of ‘Rick and Morty’. In this new stage of the character after the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Thor’s brother will be arrested / kidnapped / recruited by the AVT (Agency for Temporal Variation) to help them repair the chaos that has been sowing in the different universes from his manipulation of the Tesseract.

Joining Tom Hiddleston as Loki will be Mobius, AVT agent played by Owen Wilson. The main cast is completed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino (‘Flowers’), Wunmi Mosaku (‘House of Others’) and Richard E. Grant, and the episodes are directed by Kate Herron (‘Sex Education’).

After the more traditional ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, ‘Loki’ seems to continue to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe in more unpredictable and novel paths as did ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’.

Will have second season

There is still a lot of secrecy surrounding the future of the MCU series, and for the moment we are assuming that many of them are one-part miniseries.. That seems to be the case of ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, of which a continuation has not been announced, and we do not know what the future of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will be after the series that is currently broadcasting on Disney +.

But it seems that ‘Loki’ will have a second season, or that we can infer from the following fact: Michael Waldron has signed with Disney to write it. Although there is no official confirmation yet, so all are speculations, for now.