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If we couldn’t see something in the first chapter of Loki – 96% were his powers. In the offices of the Temporal Variation Authority the god of lies is unable to use his powers. Not only that. Even the Infinity Stones are nothing more than paperweights in that place. Loki was definitely not prepared to understand that there is a place where he is completely powerless as if he were a mere mortal.

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Now that he has joined this group to help him catch another version of himself, we all hope that in subsequent chapters we can see him unfolding all his powers. It seems that this is going to be the case. Comic Book recently spoke with Kate Herron, the series director, and confirmed that this is indeed going to happen and that the heart of the series is to get Loki out of his element:

Yes. I think that for me … I was very excited to be able to show more of his magic in the series because I think that it has to be seen only 79 minutes in all the MCU films and obviously restricted to two hours and there is a lot that happens in those tapes in which it comes out, so you can’t show that much. And I thought, ‘Well, if we’re going to have six hours, we have to push it to its limit and see what else you can do.’ So yes. I would definitely say that the joy of our series lies in that it is unique in the sense that we are starting with the Avengers Loki, so it has not gone through that incredible journey that it has been on in the other MCU movies, but with that [en mente], we are putting it in this new corner of the MCU. He is like chaos and an institution. I don’t know how that’s going to blend in, but I think it’s fun to just see a character that is loved and familiar to us, but a very different setting, nature, and upbringing. It’s fun to see how he’s going to react to this new world we’ve put him in.

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It’s exciting to think of the ways in which Loki’s powers can be explored in the series while being put in situations he’s not used to. The entire first chapter was an exploration of that because we’ve never seen him in such a bureaucratically absurd situation that it made him feel so powerless.
Moving on, the actor recently revealed that the biggest secret he’s ever had to keep was Loki’s death in Avengers: Infinity War – 79%. He knew it two years before it happened:

The biggest secret I kept, for a long time, was that scene from Infinity War. So I remember going to a meeting with Kevin Feige and Lube before we started filming Ragnarok. And they were talking to me before they sent me the script. They were telling me the whole story and it seems to me that Taika was not in town at the time. So I was talking to them. At the end of that meeting, they began to describe what was going to happen to Thor and what Chris was going to do. And the arrival of Hela, who was to be played by Cate Blanchet. How the Hulk and Ruffalo were going to go to this alien planet on the other side of the universe with Jeff Goldblum playing the Grandmaster. This is great and also where it will end. At the end of that meeting, Joe and Anthony Russo walked in and said they were working on the next Avengers movie. And that the only complete scene they had finished was the opening one. And then they told me what happened in it. So I carried it with me, knowing more or less what was going to happen. For what I think it was two years? Maybe two and a half years?

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