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Just in time for LGBTQ pride month, Loki has been confirmed as the first bisexual character Marvel has deposited on screen within the MCU. The last episode of the Disney Plus series in question not only presented the character in front of his female variant drawn from the multiverse, but also echoed a narrative that during the chapter spoke about identification and knowing oneself.

For this reason, the episode intentionally uses in most of its footage a photograph loaded with blue and purple colors, in the search to make a visual connection with the specific flag of bisexual pride. Director Kate Herron took to social media to explain how relevant this particular character trait was to her, confirm and canon within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

«From the moment I joined [la producción de] Loki, it was a very important goal for me, to recognize Loki as bisexual. It’s part of who he is and who I am too. I admit that this is a small step, but it fills me with happiness and my heart is so swollen, while I can say that this is now canon in the MCU. “

The post was later shared by actress Sophia Di Martino, who plays Sylvie – the supposed Lady Loki- in the series, and mentioned the detail about the lighting of the episode. Much of the forty-five minute episode is set on a moon that is about to go through the apocalypse, and whose sky is predominantly purple. The lighting of the interiors is also made up of blue and purple colors, and in fact they frame the moment in which Loki’s bisexuality is confirmed.

During a conversation between Di Martino’s character and Hiddleston’s, they both raise questions about their lives. At one point Loki asks if there is a “lucky guy” waiting for her at home and she confirms that there is a mailman with whom she has a long-distance relationship. When she immediately asks if there was ever a princess or a prince for him in the past, he responds:

“A bit of both. I suspect the same applies to you.

This is a character trait that has been established and mentioned for many years already in Marvel comics. In fact, the original Loki extracted from Norse myths was already described as a character who sometimes dressed as a man and at other times as a woman. Even at a certain point in the stories, Loki in his female form gives birth to Odin’s eight-legged horse, called Sleipnir.

Source: CinePremier

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