Loki: Fans react to the Infinity Stones in the series

Finally the first episode of Loki arrived – 96%, “a glorious purpose” and it did not disappoint, both critics and fans are very excited for the series that promises to push the limits of what we had seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although we did not have to wait long for that. it happened, because the artifacts that caused a war between the Avengers and an extraterrestrial army, appeared in a way that no one imagined.

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If you have not seen the first chapter, what we will tell you next is a slight spoiler, but nothing that spoils the plot. For fans who already know what we are talking about and were shocked, we can only say that they are not the only ones, on social networks there were reactions of fans just as puzzled by what they were seeing, since in Avengers: Infinity War – 79% and Avengers: Endgame – 95% various heroes sacrificed themselves to obtain the Infinity Stones.

In the first episode of Loki, the God of Lies is taken to the TVA (Time Variance Authority), the Time Variation Authority, an organization in charge of keeping the timelines in order. As everyone will remember, in Avengers: Endgame, an error makes Loki escape with the Tesseract (Gem of Space) after the Battle of New York and thus alters that timeline; already inside the offices of the TVA the surprising revelation is given.

The Infinity Stones that cost Vision, Natasha / Black Widow and Tony Stark / Iron Man their lives, appear in large numbers on TVA and are used as paperweights. Unsurprisingly, fans are not out of their astonishment, as the search for these Gems even gives name to the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, known as the Infinity Saga. Here are the reactions:

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Me, after realizing that the Infinity Stones were basically a scam:

Nobody: TVA with the Infinity Stones.

‘In fact, we get a lot of those! some of the guys use them as paperweights’ who’s going to tell you?

TVA: has a box with Infinity Stones / Tony, Natasha, Gamora and Vision:

TVA / Tony, Nat, Vision:

So you’re telling me we have to watch our heroes die and suffer for these stupid Gems that TVA workers use as paper treads … I’m going crazy.

After seeing this scene. Me: the MCU was all a lie

From what little we have seen, Loki It is aiming to be the most ambitious series yet, and since Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige said it will have a huge impact on the franchise, hopefully there are plenty of surprises ahead. Meanwhile, we can only wait every Wednesday to continue enjoying the adventures of the God of Lies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is made up of more than twenty films and now already has three canonical series on Disney Plus. In the past we had several like Agents of SHIELD – 100%, Daredevil – 93% and Runaways -%, but it was never confirmed if they were part of official canon, until now they appear to have been scrapped as “Marvel Legacy”.

There is a lot of future and great potential in all of the Marvel characters that will be introduced to the franchise in the coming years, as well as many that have yet to be announced. Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Secret Invasion series are currently in development, but thanks to the success of their first shows on Disney Plus, Marvel must already be considering what to do with the characters that enjoyed the most popularity in the past. and to which he already has access: the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

We are in a golden age of superheroes in film and TV, Marvel and DC fans should be happy with everything they have at their disposal and with everything that is unfolding.

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