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The third chapter of Loki – 96% arrived this morning on the Disney Plus platform and Marvel Studios fans immediately rushed to enjoy this Wednesday of the God of Lies. Through her social networks, the director of the series, Kate Herron, shares her pride in the most recent episode, as she is in charge of confirming Loki’s bisexuality, a topic that had been much speculated on. The Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals a new LGBT character and fans are delighted. Here are the news. Beware of spoilers.

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Thanks to the comics we know that, for several years, Thor’s brother has been a gender fluid person. Just over two weeks ago, Marvel Studios shared some great promotional pieces from Loki in which it was revealed that the same detail about its protagonist. Now the series explicitly confirms that the cunning character, all thanks to a conversation he has with Sylvie while they make a hasty trip to escape the impending apocalypse of Lamentis-1. In order to Kate herron It was very important to make Loki’s sexuality clear and to give a fair representation to the viewers who identify with him.

From the moment I joined Loki, it was very important to me, and my goal, to recognize that Loki was bisexual. It’s part of who he is and who I am too. I know this is a small step, but I am happy, and my heart is so full, to say that it is now Canon in the MCU.

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The words of Kate herron They have resonated throughout social networks with more enthusiasts than detractors. It is the first time that such an important Marvel Cinematic Universe character has been revealed as an LGBT person and it is an important step for the study. There are many fans who are grateful for the visibility given to this part of the community, here is an example:

This means more than you could imagine. All my life I’ve been desperate to see people like me on screen, and the lack of bisexual representation was appalling. But now, confirm that a character that I have loved for so long is what I mean to the world. THANK YOU.

The conclusion of the third chapter of Loki left us with great needs for answers. Our characters have been too difficult to escape from Lamentis-1 and next week we will find out how they will solve their not so small setback. It seems that Loki has got on pretty well with Sylvie and they could become closer in the future, they just have to find out if they are able to trust each other. Meanwhile, the Temporal Variation Authority continues to search for Loki but now he knows a secret that will surely turn the organization upside down in the next chapters. We will know.

Together with WandaVision – 95%, Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% and Loki – 96%, Marvel Studios is starting a whole new era, but their movies are still needed. Black Widow will be in charge of starting with the next stage on the big screen, promising a spectacular adventure of spies and action in the company of Natasha Romanoff. But what fans are most excited about is the ultimate focus on the multiverse theme, a resource that we will likely see exploited with thanks during the minutes of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The next chapter of Loki premieres on Disney Plus on June 30.

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