‘Loki’ and the origin of the Minutemen, TVA agents, explained

While we were reviewing everything that episode 3 of ‘Loki’ gave of itself and wondering if it is all a day of the Morbius groundhog, we were passed a very important revelation.

While we already suspected who the true villain of Loki is, ‘Lamentis’ brought fans one step closer to reveal the man / men behind the curtain. Along with questions about what’s going on with the mysterious Time Keepers and if there’s more to reveal in Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer, the latest episode just opened up the theories with a huge twist.

Although Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie was originally featured as a villain, it seems like the series is going the entire anti-hero route much like Tom Hiddleston’s titular God of Mischief. Why Sylvie wants to overthrow the TVA remains a mystery, however the suspicious organization’s motives were questioned with the revelation that its workers are actually variants without memory.

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A highlight of the series has been Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius, and while in ‘Lamentis’ we miss the jet ski lover, his own dark story has been mocked. During the episode, Sylvie confirmed that she had struggled to get into Sasha Lane’s C-20 Hunter’s mind. Setting Loki’s jaw to the ground, Sylvie explained that TVA employees are, in fact, variants.

Tracing the reveal back to episode two, there were some raised eyebrows when Ravonna asked Mobius to use a coaster. A bewildered Mobius asked why it mattered if there were already watermarks on the table, and was told that he was the one who made them.

There are two schools of thought on what the last variant means. Mobius referred to himself as Ravonna Renslayer’s “favorite agent”, which didn’t elicit a huge response from the TVA head judge. Is our version of Mobius just one of multiple Mobius on active duty or have they? been over the years?

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The other idea is that Wilson’s Mobius is a variant that has been captured and imprisoned at the TVA. Sure enough, being a mindless office mouse, Mobius, the agents, and the rest of the TVA employees could have been stuck there for millennia and have their minds repeatedly erased if they recall their old lives.

A popular theory among fans of the series is that Mobius’s profession in life was as a jet ski salesman in the 1990s. This could explain his strange love of water sports and nostalgic references to the time.

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Despite Mobius’s apparent years of service to the TVA, it is more than suspicious that he has never met the legendary Guardians of Time. It was Mobius himself who warned that Loki’s time works differently on TVA. Rather than the 90s being 30 years ago, TVA’s unknown location means Mobius and the rest could have been here for all eternity.

It is not a coincidence that all files related to the formation of TVA, The Guardians of Time, and time itself were classified. At least we finally know that the story about the TVA agents created by the Time Keepers is silly. Does this also mean that the lovable Miss Minutes is also a variant and ready for more time in the MCU? We can not wait!

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Mobius has already reviewed a gallery of variants of Loki, which gives a sense of mortality to the one we have known since ‘Thor’ (2011). Just because Hiddleston’s Loki is “our” Loki does not mean that he is an integral part of what is happening. With multiple variants out there, it would be entirely possible for Renslayer to grab another one and pick up where we left off in pursuit of Sylvie.

If it’s a simple case of an agent dying and another one is pulled from the timelines, it might also explain why Renslayer didn’t believe Sylvie when she threatened to kill Loki on TVA. Considering Sylvie says she’s been on the run from TVA her entire life, we don’t imagine this is the first detour between the two.

Whatever happens, it seems increasingly likely that Renslayer is shaping up to be Loki’s de facto villain. Those who meet in the comics may know his connections to time traveler Kang the Conqueror, but that’s a theory for another time. Even if Renslayer isn’t running the TVA for his own nefarious media, all signs point to he’s covering up for something. As Loki heads to his own ending, we hope Renslayer, Sylvie, and TVA’s motives become clear. Ironically, it’s the habitually slippery Loki who seems to have the most obvious modus operandi at the moment.

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