Loki actress explains more about her character, which has become a trend

Sophia Di Martino, actress who brings Sylvie to life in the Loki series, commented on some of the main and most interesting characteristics of her character.

¿Lady Loki? … That was the pseudonym that most viewers gave to a character that was revealed in the second episode of the series of Loki. However, as the plot progressed, much more was revealed. In the latest chapter, Lamentis, the identity of the enigmatic lady was made official.

According to the above, it was confirmed that it was Loki, but from another reality. In addition, in the midst of his rebellion, the temporary variant does not want to be called by that name, so he called himself Sylvie. After the presentation of the same, the social networks exploded in theories.

Sophia Di Martino reveals important details about her character in Loki

The comments of the followers pointed to the fact that the one played by the actress Sophia di martino She was one of the Enchanters that exist in Marvel Comics. Yes, in the comics there is a heroine whose name is the same, Sylvie Lushton. The girl existing on Earth 616 inclusive was part of The Avengers.

However, this thought that the same being is being talked about was not entirely unreasonable and now much less. The star in question was in charge of publishing the story and part of the origin of his character, which gave out the above.

In an interview with Collider, the artist commented that “she knew that one of the Enchantresses of the Marvel Universe her name was also Sylvie. And I know that the writers and producers have been inspired by the comics for this story and this character. But it’s a new story and it’s a new back story for Sylvie. “

Thus, one might expect some similarity with its peer in the graphic literature, but also several differences.

Sylvie Lushton

But… What is Sylvie Lushton’s story? Alright, she was a normal girl from Oklahoma until he discovered magical powers. After noticing her abilities, she moves to New York, where he joins The Avengers and adopts the style and identity of Amora, The Enchantress.

The problem is that she was actually created by Loki, who confesses it to her at some point, without revealing the reason. This discovery does not make the magician want to make the world a better place, although sometimes she used less correct methods.

Thus, Sylvie’s heroic philosophy, as well as her fragile reality and the unknown reasons for her existence, could be deepened in the show of Disney +. Surely more will be known about her every Wednesday.

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