Friday May 22, 2020

The Chilean nationalized Palestinian footballer spoke with Prensaf Fútbol, ​​where he reviewed his career in Southeast Asia. In addition, he took advantage of reviewing his insertion in the culture of Palestine, about what he said “I am learning about what the Muslim religion means”.

Chilean nationalized Palestinian forward Yashir Pinto was part of a new edition of the interviews carried out by Prensaf Fútbol through Instagram Live. The 29-year-old player reviewed his career, from his origins in the Colo Colo quarry to his time in various countries in Southeast Asia, in addition to detailing his new life with the Palestinian nationality.

The player positively valued his beginnings in football, highlighting the values ​​instilled in him by the Albo team for the rest of his career, affirming that “I am grateful to Colo Colo, he is the club that formed me. I would love to return, statistically it is the largest team in Chile. It is the club that gave me sports values, always wanting to win. I would be happy if I were given the opportunity. ”

Pinto currently serves as a player for the Barito Putera of Indonesia, a new season on his journey through the countries of Southeast Asia. Regarding this new professional adventure, the attacker explained that “I managed to play three games and the league was suspended. Indonesia has many islands, making it difficult to be in control of everything. One of the big problems is that they don’t do many coronavirus tests. ”

The player is undergoing quarantine in Chile, thanks to the permission conceived by his club, which expires at the end of May. Regarding this running of the bulls, he commented that “I recently read that a player said that this was the closest thing to retirement, and it is true. You are used to being on the court, touching the grass. Now we are adapting to always be at home ”.

Despite having Chilean nationality, in 2016 the player chose to represent Palestine internationally, thanks to the bond of his maternal great-grandfather with this country. Regarding his adaptation to this new life, the soccer player explained that “I am aware of the country I represent, the culture I represent, knowing that for 90 minutes people forget what is happening.”

Pinto gave more details of the Palestinian culture, admitting the great differences that exist with our country, but highlighting certain aspects of the relationship. On this he said that “I am learning a lot to understand what the Muslim religion is for them. It is a culture that thinks differently from us. I caught myself with colleagues who arrived in a Porsche and others who arrived by bicycle, and we all had breakfast at the same table. ”

Finally, the striker was very grateful for the career he has led so far, which has allowed him to play in Chile, Hungary, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, in addition to his current time in Indonesia. “I am 29 years old, I am focused on being happy. I think I found my place in Southeast Asia, I like people. It allows me to save because everything is cheaper. I am focused on what I have and try to keep winning things in the leagues I am in. ”